“The Beibamboo clothing line is made of – you got it – bamboo! You wouldn’t believe how soft (and eco-friendly) it is. All of the clothing is made to feel extra soft against baby’s skin; even the tags and zippers are on the outside, rather than the inside. The clothes are very sweet, simple and easy to put on and take off. The company has won several design awards in Europe recently, and they are trying to make a presence in the US market.” – AcklinArmy.blog


“Beibamboo is a Scandinavian baby-clothing brand that boasts a collection of cleverly combined basics designed for the ultimate comfort of newborns and babies” – The Green Stylist


“…one of the most interesting company specialized in comfortable and organic baby wear.” – Ilmondo di Ingrid blog


Choosing comfort over Chic – Helsinki Times

“Beibamboo baby garments – made out of bamboo fibre – originated from an idea of Nina Ignatius as she was examining baby clothes in the maternity ward. A little baby girl was born to her family and the new mother was wondering who on earth designs these baby clothes with thick seams and big tags that chafe the baby’s sensitive skin.

Nina Ignatius was not fully prepared for maternity because the baby was born premature. Neither did she have any experience in the fashion industry. But what she did have, was a bunch of ideas.”

Optio magazine, March 2011 (page 9) – Kauppalehti Optio


“Special attention should be given to a fairly new shop, Beibamboo, which specializes in baby clothing. There was an article about it in the latest issue of Vauva magazine (2/2011). I want to mention Beibamboo, because they have a special collection for premature babies. It comes in size 40 cm and it has been designed to avoid any irritation on the baby’s soft and fragile skin. The garments have no side seams and the tags for washing instructions are placed on the outside. They are all made of organic bamboo fibre. Beibamboo clothes can be purchased but also rented which is a wonderful idea since the smallest clothes do not last long on fast-growing babies. As for tiny premature babies, they may wear those 40 cm clothes for months.” – Hiukanennenaikojaan blog


“If you are familiar with bamboo underwear, you will be delighted with this! Beibamboo is a Finnish company (whose products are also made in Finland) that manufactures clothes for babies. Their practical solutions are so clever that it brings you into a good mood …” – Sevelynfi.blogspot


“Babies outgrow their clothes quickly and that is why it may seem non-ecological to buy them. As an alternative, baby clothes can be rented. Beibamboo, a Finnish company, rents out baby clothes up to the size 80 cm. The material of these garments is 50 % organic bamboo fibre and 50 % cotton. They come in one colour: natural off-white. There are three different items available: bodysuit, pyjamas and pants and a selection of sizes 50-60 cm (0-3 months), 60-70 cm (3-7 months) and 70-80 cm (7-16 months). – Babyminimalist.com


 “The Rental Boom Goes On, August 13th, 2010

The rental-service boom has spread from designer handbags to ecologically produced baby clothes. A new Finnish Internet shop called Beibamboo rents out and sells baby clothes made of organic bamboo fibre. Their selection consists of pants, bodysuits and pyjamas. The company wants to offer an easy alternative to the short lifecycle of baby clothes: products ordered from the Internet will be delivered to your home.” – Olivialehti.fi


Beibamboo manufactures and rents out functional baby clothes. All of their products have been made in Finland and they have a “ÖkoTex”-certificate, which guarantees that there are no harmful chemicals in the garments. The raw materials are cultivated in China (bamboo fibre) and in India (cotton). – Vihreatvaatteet.com

Beibamboo in TV:

Leijonan Luola (Dragons Nest/Shark Tank)10.4.2013

Main Swedish National news; TV-nytt Beibamboo, 2.1.2012

Min Morgon; morning TV, in Swedish; Årets designgärning 2012/Design Deed of the Year 2012

Main Morning TV, about Womens Innovation Awards (in Finnish); Huomenta-Suomi 10.6.2011